Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Personic is one of the leading platform to build chatbots for your brand for better email marketing experience. Personic provides a great way to connect and communicate with your customers in a more personal manner. We build an emotional bond with users to gain their loyalty, trust and confidence in us.

Personic is here to help you with its following services:

  • Personalization: Create an emotional connection with your customers by personalizing conversations
  • Analytics: Keep track of user interaction in the chatbot
  • Notification: User can set preferences for notifications
  • Chatbot Text Editor: Dynamically modify Chatbot Dialogue
  • Log File Analysis: Iterate and Improve conversations.

Why to use old marketing strategies when we have a powerful and more advanced way to engage with users. Chatbots allow brands deeper engagement with its users. And Personic is the leading platform to build such chatbots that enhance the Email Marketing experience.

Chatbots are the AI based assistants that are developed to target Millennial audience Today 90% of our population are active users of messaging applications. Chatbots can be built on any messaging platform to connect to long term audience. They can talk to their audience anytime anywhere and provide them every relevant information about brand. This conversation will build an emotional connection between brand and audience which will further lead to better user engagement and more marketing experience.

Email Marketing is the most advanced strategy for deploying smart conversational flows to leverage customers through a messaging application, called Chatbots. Email Marketing process involves directly sending a commercial message, by any brand to its customers via chatbot with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of building loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

People love their inbox because that’s where our audience goes numerous times a day. We are providing email marketing services to the customers in their inbox where they hangout, i.e. messaging apps. So we are aspiring your brand needs to be where your future audience are and will continue to be.

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The motive of building Personic is to develop such chatbots that can increase brand awareness in users and ease the process to know any query about brands. These chatbots can send daily updates or promotional messages directly to user’s mostly used hangout application, Facebook’s Messenger Inbox thus promoting subscription marketing more than ever.